Naturopathy is a health modality which works in association with the natural healing processes within the body to restore balance and bring about improved health and wellbeing. For the body to function in a state of health we need to have efficient Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption, Circulation and Excretion.

The factors which lead to the development of “dis-ease” in the body are basically due to disturbance of one or more of the above processes, which over time, produce structural and functional changes in the body resulting in the development of symptoms. Symptoms are essentially signals from the body which indicate that we have some type of problem.

The underlying philosophy of naturopathy is to treat the causes of disease, not just the symptoms. Since the time of Hippociates (400BC), physicians were aware of the role of nutrients as a means of treating and preventing disease, however, in western societies today we tend to overlook the importance of adequate, balanced nutrition and its effects on our health. These days, most foods are processed in some way and this often results in the loss of vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins which our bodies require.

Naturopathic treatments will combine a variety of treatment types including nutrition, minerals, homeopathy, herbs and massage. These therapies will assist the body to heal by addressing the imbalance and correcting it.


The Naturopath may use a variety of diagnostic methods. The ultimate goal is to identify and treat the underlying cause of disease in the body. A commonly used technique involves examination of the eyes using a special microscope this is called iridology or eye diagnosis. Other tools used for diagnosis may include patient questionnaires, taste tests, bio-energy tests and simple urine analysis.

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